Struggling to pay?

We know that customers will at times have difficulty paying their bills.

If you are having problems paying your property management bills, please talk to us and we can help you.

Our staff will look at your financial circumstances and suggest help and support. We can direct customers to support agencies, such as Citizens Advice Bureau and Money Advice Scotland, who will be able to advise you.

For information on how we deal with customer debt, please see our Debt Recovery Procedure.

Help with debt

The agencies and websites listed below offer confidential, impartial and free advice on how to manage and organise your debt.

  • UK Government's Benefits Adviser tool – You can improve your income with some benefits, particularly if you have children or if you are on a low income.
  • The Money Advice Service budget planner - Make a list of what you spend your money on. List all of your debts from mortgage or payments, credit cards and loans, right down to the milk in your cup of tea.
  • The Money Advice Service Cut-back Calculator - How could you change your spending habits without it changing your everyday life very much?
  • The Money Advice Service repayment plans - When thinking about borrowing, it's best to make a plan. How will you pay the money back, how much at a time and over what period?
  • Get free debt advice - If you are concerned about debt, you should seek the right help and support as soon as possible. Choose to see someone face-to-face or speak with someone on the phone from one of the free and independent debt advice agencies. The main agencies include:
  • Citizens Advice Scotland
  • Money Matters
  • Castlemilk Law Centre
  • Govan Law Centre
  • StepChange
  • National Debtline.

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